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1. S.E.E.R stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This is how air conditioners and heat pumps are rated in terms of cost to operate. The higher the SEER rating the more savings on your utility bill. This is like MPG miles per gallon in your vehicle.

For example: Your homes heating and air conditioning equipment accounts for 56% of your utility bill. In a typical home a utility bill averages $250 – 56%(hvac portion) = $140. Refering to the chart put out by the Dept. of Energy, an average 10 SEER system that is over years old is operating at an 8 SEER. The savings from an 8 SEER to a 16 SEER is 50% which would bring your total monthly savings to $70 or an annual savings of $840.

The savings you accumulate on a system upgrade could pay for itself within approximately 6 years. Heating and Air conditioning equipment that is properly maintained has an average life expectancy of 15 plus years. This gives you the comfort of knowing your new system will give you exponential savings for at least 9 more years after paying for itself!!

Solution: replace with a properly sized and designed high efficient Trane system.

2. Air Leaks in duct work--on average a typical 3 ton system loses 30% to 40% of its airflow through poorly sealed duct work which can be equivelant to 1 ton (400 cfm) of air.

Solution: Air seal branch run take-offs and major duct connections with a highly durable and air tight liquid mastic duct sealant.

3. Air Penetrations into your homes conditioned space. A single 1/2" hole drilled for wiring not sealed can account for 58 pints of moisture infiltrating into your home. Also a tremendous amount of hot summer and cold winter untreated air entering your home which can cause an excessive load on your HVAC system and causing air quality issues.

Solution: Air seal wiring and plumbing penetrations into your home with high quality spray foam and foam board material to combat infiltration of unwanted air.

4. Duct cleaning and sanitizing. Your duct system is a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, dust mites, pet dander, viruses, and many allergy related respitory problems. Although this is"out of site, out of mind" doesn't mean its not there!

Solution:Let our team clean and sanitize your complete duct system with our state of the art roto-brush cleaning system. This system brushes and vaccums simultaneously through a high powered suction motor and the results are incredible. Upon request you can also view the difference through a high resolution camera. We can also sanitize with a perfectly safe EPA approved sanitizing fog to kill anything from mold, viruses, to allergens.